Getz Guides

Some of these are merely slides for you to flip through, others are more interactive, and if I took the time, there is an audio explanation as well. After all, accessibility should not be an afterthought.

Art and Science of Significant Figures- note: not all of the parts may work, please don't let that frustrate you

Dimensional analysis

Electron Configurations (ppt)- this is written for teachers to use with students. The idea is to go through it slowly and to see what you can figure out on your own.

Same electron configuration file, but on Google Drive.

pH and pOH equations

Henry's Law (ppt) (no questions yet)

Same Henry's Law file but on Google Drive (no questions yet)

Limiting Reagents (Reactants) (no questions yet)

Equilibrium Math (now with a few questions)

Reaction Order- explanation with examples being added as time allows and questions when they can be added, too. (html5)

list of polyatomic ions (doc) proof image of a card I made at Vista Print (pdf)


Short quizzes:

Rounding Practice

more rounding questions

Significant Figures

Significant Figures 1 to 9

Significant Figures with Scientific Notation


Scientific notation

more Sig Figs practice